History Of The World

This is a little game history that was written by one of our early players. It outlines the background of the Sociolotron sex game a little and should be taken as a mood setter only.

At the beginning of the 21st century the world as we knew it, fell apart. It was the fault of a bunch of Arab terrorists. After the Anti American sentiment in the Arab world grew stronger and stronger, the Arabs developed a new biological weapon with the help of Ex-Soviet and North Korean scientists. The new bacteria was designed to digest raw oil and thus effectively eat it. The plan was, to infect the raw oil reservoirs of those countries which were friendly toward the west and blackmail others so that economical chaos could be inflicted in the west. The first goals were the oil fields of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Terrorist cells infiltrated those countries and managed to inject the bacteria into the oil wells in those three countries.

Unfortunately the bio weapon had a side effect that the terrorists did not anticipate. It was able to "eat" its way through certain mineral layers in the earth crust which were related to the chemical structure of raw oil. As a result, only a few years later the raw oil reservoirs all over the world were infected and the oil began to simply disappear. Chaos arose faster than the terrorist thought and the upcoming firestorm did not only swallow the west but all other countries as well. By 2024 there was only one oil reservoir left: The one in the north sea which was insulated from the infected rock by minerals which were incompatible with the bacteria's digestion system. Soon a war arose about this last oil reserve of the world.


The British Royal Fleet was determined to protect this incredibly valuable asset of the United Kingdom and gathered close to the Orkney Islands in order to repel an oncoming combined Neo-Soviet/Chinese Fleet attack coming from Petropavlovsk. While the Brits prepared for battle, the communists were ready to perform a tactical nuclear strike. When assaulting the Royal Fleet with their combined nuclear power and thus effectively eliminating them, they also eliminated half of Scotland, including Castle Balmoral and all of the Windsor Family. With the end of King Charles III there was no more moral strength left and Britain quickly followed the path other European countries had taken and became subject to the feuds of local warlords. The Prime Minister managed to keep up some order in London itself thus creating an island of relative safety in a sea of turmoil.

During the years that followed, the last remains of the ex superpowers deteriorated quickly and the Neo-Soviet/Chinese fleet raid should remain the last major military operation. People somehow managed to get along with a world without oil, they started to produce energy from coal, wood and water craft. Technology in general stepped back tremendously but there was no fallback into a stone age kind of world. People still had railroads, just no planes any more. Ships were there, they were just steam driven. Some people still had the knowledge of modern technology and thus there are still computers here and there.

Many people turned to religion in those dark days and many cults spread around the world. In the western world two particular cults rose to greater power. One preached a righteous life, since all evil that had befallen the world came from the depraved  debauchery that ruled the world before the collapse. Thus they strove to live to high moral standards and they considered eliminating those who don't pass their judgment a holy duty. On the other hand there were those people who believed that the suppression of the true nature of humankind as it was performed in the mid eastern countries before the collapse was the reason for all evil, because this led those people to hatred against the western world which ultimately caused the catastrophe. Therefore they preached a life full of self indulgence, lust and joy. They also discovered many of the old magical rituals related to sexuality which were performed by Shamans thousands of years ago and began to worship ancient Succubus demons, while the followers of the "Inquisition" as they called themselves, managed to gain magical power from ancient rituals of the Order of the Templar Knights which mainly involved sacrificing the impure.

In the years that followed the collapse and the destruction of the British Fleet, one man rose to power in France who claimed to be the heir to the first Norman - British King Henry Plantagenet. After reuniting a great part of France around Anjou, he sat sail for Britain in order to reclaim, what, according to his claim, once belonged to his family. After a short battle in Blackpool where he destroyed the combined forces of three British warlords, he proclaimed himself King of England in 2051 and assumed the name Richard IV. He quickly marched on London which was besieged and destroyed by a great fire during the sacking in 2066 and later rebuild, but due to the lack of modern technology, the new London looked much more like a medieval town than the modern metropolitan city it used to be.


The rest of his life was filled with suppressing rebellions and uprisings in England. In 2075 he attempted to bring economical stability to Britain by re-establishing the Bank Of England with only moderate success. He ruled and fought until his end in 2094, when his son, Henry IX followed him as King of England, only to be eliminated by his son in 2095 who ruled England since then as Richard V. Rumors have it, that Richard V eliminated his father with the help of some dark priests, but nothing further is known about this.

Richard V continued to fight against numerous rebellions. During all this time, London was left alone by the Plantagenet Kings, partly because the Prime Minister, who still ruled Greater London, always stood loyal to the Kings, so they never really had to bother with London, and they could concentrate their military force where it was needed. Furthermore, London had nothing really important to the Plantagenet Kings, there was nothing produced there, few resources, only street gangs, cultists, criminals and other scum, so they left London alone and perhaps even were glad that this area was somewhat isolated from the now rural rest of England. But there are also rumors that King Richard IV avoided London because of an ancient prophecy that a gate to the underworld shall open in that city at the turn of the century and the legions of the undead shall rule the world from London. Until now, the first decade of the 22nd century, no such hordes have emerged from The City, but word has it, that dark beings roam the streets at night and sometimes dead citizens are found in the morning, drained of blood or other fluids. Apparently, King Richard V has now instructed all robot guards to watch out for any unusual activities. So far, nothing could be found and an uneasy peace seems to hold The City in its grip.



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