Crazy enough for a sex game, this is something that happens from time to time even in regular roleplaying games but especially in adult games like Sociolotron. Characters offer cyber sex in exchange for game credits, gold points or whatever the game currency is. In Sociolotron SM prostitution is part of the adult game world, just as it is in reality. And just like in reality there are areas where prostitution is legal and those where it is illegal.

First of all, why should you use the build in adult game prostitution mechanics and not just pay and have fun? Well, as in all games there are scammers all around. Who protects you as a customer from a scammer? Who protects the prostitute from a scammer? That's where our system comes into play. By bringing up the prostitution dialog the system keeps track of the money (which is determined by the system based on the prostitution skill) and makes sure the prostitute can not simply walk away and scam the customer. In case a deal is accepted, that's where the sex game mechanics come in and the prostitution comes under partial AI control. The customer can, for example hold her hand (or other body parts) and lead her to a room where he wants to perform the act. The prostitute can not do certain things during the whole deal, except she is being attacked, in which case the AI control ends. Of course that can be in a lonely area where help is far, but that's part of the risk of this job in our adult game and in the real world.

A high prostitution skill has many advantages in the game, starting with easier seduction actions, having a bonus in certain situations, more control over your body functions and so on.  In fact a prostitute can be a very powerful ally both in a raid party when it comes to monster bashing as well as in a pure role play environment when it comes to secretly gathering information. This is something you don't even have in games like Age Of Conan that have the attribute of an adult game.

On the other hand there must be a downside to these advantages (as most things in the Sociolotron SM sex game have a good and a bad side) and that is the fact that a prostitute at higher levels often can't withstand a deal. While a character with a low prostitution skill can decide whether she (or he we don't discriminate here) wants the prostitute dialog to be brought up, she can not prevent that on a higher level if the customer has a dominant personality. This may lead to quite unpleasant situation if this happens in public. Also she can probably not prevent a deal which would bring her under partial control of the customer which can be potentially dangerous. And of course, prostitutes are among the first targets of Inquisition Demons on the hunt for Soul Points in our adult game.

A prostitute can steal from her customer during his orgasm and she can also receive information about crimes from her customer, which is considered pillow talk.

All in all this is one tough skill to master but one of the most powerful skills in the Sociolotron adultgame.



Seduction works very similar to prostitution in our sex game. You tell Sociolotron that you want to seduce somebody and the adul game system determines your success. Success is depending on how much sympathy the other character feels for you, which is depending on various factors like moral, face, attire and so on. In case of success you gain partial control over your victim and can for example lead her away from the crowd. As with a prostitution deal, the victim can not prevent any sexual acts that you perform for a certain time. An attack on the victim releases her from the seduction immediately.

If you want to avoid being seduced, you have to strengthen certain skills (which in turn may have other disadvantagein Sociolotron, but you are already familiar with that concept) or avoid those characters who have already made seduction attempts towards you.


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