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Sociolotron, a dream in the making

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.
The markings of the raws on the maps are done as a general marking of locations. This is because we feel marking the specific locations would be handing socio to you on a platter. So don't be lazy, and venture out ;)

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Please keep those corrections coming, the maps are only as good as the feedback I get!

I have updated errors that have been emailed to me. This is my prefered method of reporting errors as it gives me a backup record of changes. So please try to use email to send me errors. Please keep your eyes open!!

News, updates, and whatever .

Update |11/15/2005

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SOHO Map - Liecester names were named Liechester .. names corrected.
Liecester Square - GZ9Z8V1
Liecester Square - WX4T5R1
Liecester Square Rd North - 9I24A91
Liecester Square Rd South - 30S0271
Liecester Walk North - DQTUZO1
Liecester Walk South - IX2UDL1

Typo in
Trafalgar Square - TGLVG41 .. was previously listed as Trafalger Square

added connecting line from Fitzrovia Forest M3XXVz to X2FT5S1 going East.
Add fitz workshop to search index.


Oakley Street North Centre (VC9Y541) is mispelled on the maps as "Oakly"

Whitehall and Westminster

Corrected room # on Houses of Parliament (See Int) - was listed as PE41VH! - Correct # is PE41VH1


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Update 2

Room in picadilly listed as West when in fact it is named East





London Maps originally created by the mapping team headed up by Izzie. Hell maps originally done by myself, GraimThu. London maps currently maintained by GraimThu, Hell maps maintained by Nectura. Please send both London, and Hell map corrections to Graim Thu. Nectura painstakingly did the whole map, the woman is masochistic O.o

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