Features List

  • Focus on role play. Our staff of volunteers encourages RP and resolves disputes between players by judging their role play among other things

  • Realistic map of London and the Underground System

  • PK system that allows a character to be eliminated from the world

  • Graveyards to memorialize the dead

  • Three stage character hierarchy system that allows players to decide whether they want to play a protected character or take the full risk of PK

  • Character Skill development based on Experience Points earned from various professions

  • Economy system that allows characters to harvest raw materials, produce goods and distribute them.

  • Player owned houses from single room apartments to big mansions

  • Player run bars where player can employ other player characters to work as bartender, stripper, life show performer or show fighter

  • Contagious diseases, illnesses and a health system with drug creation, doctors and the risk of mistreatment

  • Social ranking system that allows characters to climb on the social ladder or become an underground celebrity

  • Player run government in each of the 20 districts of London, support for public elections

  • Justice system where characters can be brought to court for crimes and judged by elected judges and jurors

  • Investigation system that allows players to to investigate crimes to bring the criminals to justice

  • Players can run their own newspapers and blackmail government officials or other society members based on rumors about them

  • Complete cult system that allows players to master one of two different cults and cast magic spells

  • Cults are based on blood magic or sexual practices

  • Complete underworld. Eliminated characters can become demons and go to hell after their elimination

  • Demons can be summoned to London to serve their summoner. They can break free and roam London in disguise as Vampires or Succubae

  • Players can form sects and worship demons in exchange for favors

  • Characters can have heirs who take over the character's good in London when the character is eliminated

  • Complete Sex system that allows players to have Cyber Sex with various postures

  • Sexual urges that develop according to a characters sexual preferences and influence his behavior later on

  • Support for bondage, chains and more

  • A multi level BDSM system that allows for complete role play of dominant or submissive characters, ownership and sexual slavery

  • Plastic surgery system that allows the description of a character to be altered over time to correct natural alteration from giving birth, lactation or sexual torture

  • SMS message can be sent to your cellphone or text pager for certain game events when you are offline

    ... and a lot more

    18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement



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