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What Is Our Philosophy?

Even before we defined the sex game features we had some things in mind that we wanted to realize in this adult game, things that are more of the philosophical kind and which should be an outline to the adult game design. Here are a few of those philosophies in no particular order:


Realism, but alternate reality

We wanted to create an adult world which is as real as possible in many details of our daily life, yet foreign enough to be somewhat exotic and recognizable as an adult fantasy. We wanted the player to be able to do things that are also possible in real life, although he would probably never want to do them outside of a sex game, because they are evil and would cause punishment. However in an adult game there should be (almost) no boundaries


Players settle their disputes amongst themselves

We did our best to provide all the means you need to deal with grief players. You can see to it that a character goes to prison! You can eliminate a character permanently (of course your character can get eliminated too, that's the fun part) or you can blackmail him perhaps if you obtain a proof against him that could be used in court. There are many possibilities to deal with griefers in our adult game with in game mechanics. Don't yell for help to the game masters! There will be none! Find friends, become part of a strong social group and help yourself in an adult manner!
There is some supervision by gamemasters and we will interfere if people behave in a way that disturbs other players gaming experience beyond the normal level but other than that we leave the players to settle their own disputes, which should be normal in an adult game.


It's a jungle out there! If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen!


This game has a lot of mechanics, that would be considered mean at best in other non sex games. You can be permanently eliminated. You can be put away into prison for some weeks! You can even be forced into prostitution or drug abuse.  These points are made very clear from the beginning. That's why it's an adult game! If somebody does one or all of the things to you, it's no reason to complain to a game master. It's part of the alternate reality in our adult game. If someone runs after you and insults you, it's no reason to complain. If a character comes after you and insults or threatens you because you have a different hair color,  different skin color or belong to a different cult, it's no reason to complain! Yes there is sexual, religious and racial discrimination and harassment in this sex game, just like in reality. Everything that's game related is just that: game related. If you can't stand that, go play Second Life or Red Light District or any of the not-so adult games!


Ancient Magic and Technique go Hand in Hand

Our adult game makes a strong use of magic or religious roleplaying aspects which are similar to those known to be in use by primitive cultures today or during human history. Worshipping of demons, discrimination against others because of their religious or moral behavior magic based on sexual acts or rituals, crusades, religious intolerance is part of the adult game world. If any of that offends you, don't play Sociolotron!


Know the difference between an adult game and reality

A simple rule and yet, we need to mention it. What works in a sex game does not always work in reality. There are many game mechanics in Sociolotron SM which should never be attempted in reality. From drugs and prostitution to blackmail and unsafe sex which can give you sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and everything in between. Need we go on? NEVER attempt anything you see in Sociolotron SM in reality!


Don't be offended

the Sociolotron adult game contains sex, politically incorrect behavior, blasphemy, and lots of other things which are not acceptable to many people. This game allows you to bring out your darker side, but it also allows the same for other players! So don't play if you are offended by any of these issues, don't play if you can't swallow what you dish out yourself, don't play if you are one of the people who yell "grief" and "banning" every time someone steals your belongings after a KO. Remember an adult game is different from most roleplay games out there.


 It's a fascinating Social Experience

All the dark things aside, Sociolotron SM has proven to be a fascinating experiment about human behavior patterns in a world with different values and rules. The self organizing societies that players can form and the self set and enforced rules make Sociolotron SM an interesting insight into human behavior in general and your own psyche. We don't go so far as to claim that Sociolotron SM is a scientific experiment, but perhaps you'll discover a side of yourself you didn't know about before.


Only some restrictions apply, but those are iron ones


After all this freedom, there must be some rules after all, otherwise this adult game would quickly end in chaos. All of these rules are non-negotiable and breaking them will lead to immediate and permanent termination of your player status. The rules are very simple:


  1. There is absolutely NO child pornography going on, not in role-play, not in hidden suggestions, nothing! If you do this, you are out!

  2. You must not use the system to plot any criminal behavior in the real world.

  3. You must not threaten other players beyond the gaming world or try to find out a player's real identity or contact information. Players may decide to give away an email address on their discretion, but we urge everybody not to give away any information which could identify you in reality. Use hotmail, yahoo or whatever service you like for a free email address but don't give away your provider's email. If you attempt to find out a players real identity against his will or stalk  him beyond the game, you will be banned!

  4. You must not use the system to plan or start a real life relationship. This is not a contact agency. Please remember that there are a lot of weirdoes out there. Somebody who is playing neat and nicely with you in Sociolotron SM could be Jack the Ripper in real life. Please be reasonable and consider the danger!

  5. While sexual, racial and religious discrimination IN the game is part of the game, it is not acceptable if this  behavior is carried out of the game! You must NOT insult, harass or threaten a PLAYER because of his racial, sexual or religious features! Always understand the difference between In Character (IC) and Out Of Character (OOC) behavior It's ok to insult a character in game. It is NOT ok to insult a player because of his real life features. If you do this, you're out!


We are small but committed to growing


Let's face it: Sociolotronics is a small group of people who have made this adult game  possible by a tremendous effort in their spare time in addition to their job. We don't have multi millions of dollars behind us and we can't afford the fanciest 3D graphics, nevertheless we took every effort to bring you the best visual experience possible. Our focus is primarily on the game mechanics and on giving you a a great gaming experience. If 3D characters are what you are looking for, go to one of the big monster bashing games. On the other hand, we believe, our monthly fee is low enough to compensate for this lack of newest gimmicks.

Nevertheless, we are committed to growing. We will invest into improving the graphics, we will invest into sound effects and music. All these things are planned for the future, but in the beginning we have to make certain compromises and we believe it is only fair to tell you about this before you sign up. Take a look at our screen shot section. If graphics is your most important criteria for a game and you are not satisfied with what you see, then don't sign up please. We believe in a fair relationship between us and the players and we won't tell you that we have the fanciest and greatest and coolest visual effects on the planet because that's simply not true.

If you want a game on the other had that gives you a deep game playing experience with nice looking graphics and a committment to steady improvement, then you have come to the right place.


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